Month: November 2016

Ways to Start Your First Fundraising

What is fundraising? It is the method of gathering donations, whether in the form of money or other resources. This is done by asking them from individuals, businesses, organizations, charitable foundations, and even government agencies. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending if you didn’t like it), you were asked to be coordinate a fundraising activity. Since it’s [Continue]

Top 5 Pet Bloggers That You Need To Read Now

If you’re a pet lover, your internet history is probably filled with pet blogs all the time. If you want refreshing things to learn for your pet, here are some of the best pet bloggers and their corresponding blogs. 1. Dr. Jessica Vogelsang Blog: Pawcurious Meet Dr. Vogeslang, or also known as Dr. V, the [Continue]

Great Ways to Help Animal Shelter

A lot of animal lovers would love the thought of helping the animals housing at the animal shelter, but we all know it can be difficult. You don’t have enough time to do your own errands at home, much less attend to the tasks needed to do in an animal shelter. There are a lot [Continue]