About Liz

“As long as I can remember, even as a very small child, I’ve been fascinated with the radiance of colors, and the sensation of the textures offered by the environment (rough bark on the trees, softness of my puppy’s belly, the coolness of the earth and rocks beneath my feet or the loft of a dove feather). Equally as interesting and still amazing is the wildlife that inhabits this earth along side of us. Over the years, I’ve learned how to harness my passion through various art forms such as sculpture, weaving and textiles, and paint and pencil mediums. Formally, I was granted a degree in Graphics from Edinboro University, however the paint brush was the one object which always seemed to find it’s way back into my hand.

At the same time, my love for animals has guided me into various animal related passions; from canine obedience trainer, animal rescuer, shelter volunteer, environmental and conservation devotee, to researcher for holistic alternative medicines, fundraising chairperson and marketing consultant for nonprofit organizations. And of course, I am a Vegan!

Throughout my time here on this earth, I have had the opportunity to travel across the US to breathtaking places like Colorado and California, where wildlife in the canyons and valleys are still relatively abundant and some times still pristine. With a rare opportunity to visit Banff Canada, I was able to experience the old traditions of working canines, (in a cruelty free environment) simulating pulling supplies and material to areas frozen until early summer for public education. I’ve stayed in incredible countries such as Africa (photo taken with sweet children on the island of Inhaca – off Mozambique above), where I learned valuable lessons about beauty and poverty, life and death of both animal and human. There is no doubt that many of these lessons were hard to witness, but offered me great inner growth. All of these contributed to the collection of wonderful gifts I have been afforded, that of being able to explore lifestyles and life forms of all types from the two legged to the 4 legged variety and now marine mammals!”

Liz Nicholas