Top 5 Pet Bloggers That You Need To Read Now

If you’re a pet lover, your internet history is probably filled with pet blogs all the time. If you want refreshing things to learn for your pet, here are some of the best pet bloggers and their corresponding blogs.

1. Dr. Jessica Vogelsang
Blog: Pawcurious
Meet Dr. Vogeslang, or also known as Dr. V, the author behind the popular pet blog Pawcurious, who is also pet lifestyle specialist and veterinarian. Launched in 2009, this educational pet blog showcases pet health, cooking, healthy living, and answers to your unnerving questions on how to take care of your pets. Pawcurious is a combination of hilarious and serious topics, making you stay on the blog, reading and giggling for hours. One of the many famous posts on the blog includes the “Yummy holiday doggie treats” and “Ask. Dr. V column”.

2. Stefan, Sonja and Montecristo
Blog: Montecristo Travels
For a unique way to travel the world, it will be difficult to beat this pet travel blog. Montecristo Travels is created to talk focus on an 8-inch tall Chihuahua and his adventures. Founded in 2010, Montecristo Travels was developed by Montecristo Travels Inc., a Canadian company to show that traveling with a small dog can be worthwhile and enjoyable. The blog shares about their first-hand account stores, post review of pet-friendly transportation, accommodations and tourist spots, and give you tips, tricks and advice on how to make traveling with your pet possible.

3. Deanna Raeke
Blog: For the Love of the Dog Blog
Owner of the For the Love of the Dog Blog, Deanna Rake aims to raise awareness of any problems that affect your canine companions, from their health, food and nutrition, and training for their well-being. Her goal is to be able to give voices for our pets who can’t speak for themselves. You’ll also adore photos of her beautiful Springers, Jezzie and Bruti. She emphasizes the fears of puppy fights, and reveals information of famous plants that can poison your dog. And if you ever need a guide to help you when your dog has a fever, Deanna’s blog is to the rescue!

4. Paris Permenter and John Bigley
Blog: DogTipper
This amazing married couple from Texas Hill Country loves to share tips and top product picks for dog lovers with an eye on the budget on their blog the DogTipper. They currently have two rescue dogs adopted in 2008, Irie and Tiki, who also inspired them to create the said blog. After 2 decades as travel guidebook authors, the couple decided to join the pet writing world. They have over 10, 000 pages of useful pet information, and they even give giveaways for people who will subscribe to their blog.

5. Jennifer Costello
Blog: My Brown Newfies
According to Jennifer Costello, her blog is a combination of dogs, animal wellness, pet items, life and really foolish storytelling. From managing dirty paws to hunting Easter eggs, her blog is an attractive read. You will also love some cute photos of her and her different breeds of pet dogs.

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